Activity profile Between Winners and Losers Silat Olahraga in Men Class A 28th Sea Games Singapore 2015

This review is to discover the movement that the individual utilized and how much of the time they utilized it in 2015 SEA Games in Singapore silat olahraga rivalry that came about contrasts amongst winners and losers in men’s class A. the initial step is by taking a recording video examination of Men’s class A Malaysia versus Thailand quarter-final, Indonesia versus Philippines semi-final, Indonesia versus Singapore quarter-final, and Indonesia versus Vietnam final. The source of match videos were found from Youtube. By watching these videos, the matches has been used to notated and analysed in this study. This analysis focuses on all action including others, which are all action categorized each of these indicators into hit target, hit elsewhere, and miss opponent. The terms, silat olahraga is a fundamental essential of saving in rivalry. Silat also describe the martial arts forms practiced thought the the Malay Archipelago. The purpose of the current study was to describe t…